Implementation Services

After planning and designing, our experienced and trained staff begin the installation of the structured cabling system. A major N9 benefit is that we adapt to your schedules. Network9 can assure you that your business will experience minimal, and in most cases, zero downtime.

  • Campus & Building SCS
  • Copper/Fiber Backbone
  • UTP Category 5E, 6, 6A Solutions
  • Wireless Access Points (WAPs) Wiring, Deployment, and Coverage analysis
  • In Building Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Cellular solutions
  • Remote Site Field Smart Hand Services & Roll-outs
  • STP & Coaxial Cabling
  • Fiber-to-the-Desk
  • Specialty Cabling (A/V, Triax, RF, HDMI, VGA, etc.)

National Roll Out

Network9 provides national service to select clients. Our experience managing multiple-site roll-out infrastructure projects allows you to focus on the big picture – your customer! Network9 takes a proactive approach to the schedule, communication, material and manpower deployment, as well as the project testing, certification, documentation, acceptance, and final close-out! When your infrastructure has to be consistently right and has to be on time, contact Network9!

Drug Free Workplace

As a committed employer participating in the Ohio Drug-Free Workplace Program, our aim is to provide an on-sight team of technicians that meet or exceed your safety requirements. Employment and criminal background checks are also required as a condition of Network9 employment, in the event that security clearance is required at your project site.

Certification & Documentation

At Network9, we understand the significance of the investment you are making in your infrastructure solution. We believe that investment should be backed by written proof that your installed infrastructure exceeds your specifications. After all, your network performance depends on the field-installed infrastructure – not the factory-tested infrastructure. That is why all circuits installed by Network9 are tested and certified by Network9, prior to cutover and acceptance!

You can be certain your Network9 installed infrastructure will meet the standards and provide the bandwidth capacity to support future network technologies. We utilize an extensive array of tooling and test equipment that allow us to provide high-level certification reports that, along with an extended warranty, provide you with the peace of mind that your system will perform now and in the future.

Network9 also provides services to test and certify legacy infrastructure to determine the compliance with current standards and specific legacy or new network technologies.

At Network9, we go one step further! After certification, warranty, and documentation is complete for your infrastructure, we not only provide you with the hard and soft copy files, we also upload and archive it to your secured account space on our password protected website. So you’ll have it wherever you go, whenever you go!

Quality Assurance Program

Quality is our top focus at Network9! We take pride in our customers and our team, and our team takes pride in our final delivered product – the installation! Every project ultimately results in a completed Quality Assurance (QA) survey by our Project Manager (PM). Prior to the QA, our PM will perform a final punch-list walk-through to identify any items that may need final adjustments and discuss these items with our customer contact and client account manager. Our account team works together to ensure the end result meets or exceeds your expectation. Upon completion of the punch list and acceptance of the QA survey, our customers are required to verify and accept the installation! Your final reports are then posted to the client secured account space on the Network9 extranet!

Trained & Certified Technicians

Factory training and certifications provide a fundamental area of development for our technicians.

Network9 installation technicians have a minimum of three years experience in Network Infrastructure installations, along with factory certifications for each solution we install and support. In addition to factory training, Network9 technicians are required to complete 6 hours of internal training per quarter to keep pace with technological advances and ensure error free installations.

Uniformed Technicians

When we are on your site, we realize that we represent your choice in a service provider. That is one of the reasons why Network9 provides technicians and installers with Network9 uniforms. You can be sure that all Network9 personnel dispatched to your campus will always be easily identified by the company uniform and their neat, clean, professional appearance!