9 Reasons Network9 Should be Your Partner of Choice for Your Network Cabling Needs.

1. Cabling Infrastructure is Our Core Business, Our Passion, and Our Expertise
In the game of football, winning requires a precise knowledge of all facets of the game and its subtleties. Coaches and players alike make valuable contributions to the team’s success by utilizing their specific areas of expertise. These same athletes and coaches rarely, if ever, attempt to experience the same level of achievement in another sport, because their core competency lies within the sport of football.

In the network cabling industry, there are two types of companies; those that focus their passion and expertise solely on your network cabling needs and those who “do” network cabling in addition to a long list of other services.

At Network9, we focus our passion and expertise on partnering with you to design and implement a comprehensive, professionally installed network cabling solution. Our experts work with you to construct a winning game plan that meets your business’ specific needs. We specialize in data centers and take great pride in providing you with exceptionally detailed project designs, professional service technicians, and proactive project management. Like the successful football team that focuses on winning week in and week out, our team focuses on your success.

2. We Design to BICSI TDMM’S
Our attention to detail is driven by the Building Industry Consulting Standards International’s (BICSI) TDMM’s. By using BICSI’s TDMM’s, we ensure that you are getting the most comprehensive, up-to-date project installation that meets and exceeds your exacting standards.

3. We Assign an Account Team for Every One of Our Clients
We understand that our team represents your choice to trust us as your installation partner. That is why we provide you with a single account team from the inception through the completion of your project. We recognize that you have a long list of projects under your management; for that reason, we pride ourselves in providing you with a team that is readily accessible and easy to work with.

4. We Are Your Installation Partner
Network9’s technicians understand their place in your work environment and take great pride in performing their work in a professional, courteous manner. We recognize that our people make a difference. That’s why, in order to create a long-term relationship, we make sure that our technicians are identifiable, know the details of your installation, and deliver timely, budget-conscious implementations.

5. We Are Capable of Handling the Largest Projects
At Network9, we believe that Quality Control and On-Time Delivery go hand-in-hand. From the smallest to the largest projects, we believe in consistent, quality installations and service levels. Whether you’re building a new data center or corporate office, deploying wireless access points throughout your entire campus, or perhaps you simply require a move, add, or change (MAC), our account team can handle projects of any size.

6. We Assign Consistent Teams to National Projects
When your network cabling needs extend across state lines, you can count on Network9 to provide you with a consistent implementation team. This ensures that your projects are installed the same way each and every time, with a single project manager and consistent implementation teams, thereby eliminating the need for redundant project design.

7. We Offer Guaranteed Stocking Levels
Network9 has developed a supplier strategy that details critical items which must be available and continually reviews the stocking levels to ensure smooth performance in project completion. By creating a true partnership with our suppliers, Network9 is able to accurately forecast material needs for our clients, as well as provide timely information for our suppliers. Our goal is to avoid project delays due to a lack of material delivery by having stock items on a 24 hour delivery schedule 99.999% of the time for our existing customers.

8. We Offer Guaranteed SLA’s
Network9 provides guaranteed response Service Level Agreements to customers whose infrastructure has to operate at the 99.999’s. Our service agreements provide you with peace of mind that our highly trained technical staff is available to service your infrastructure requirements any time, day or night!

9. We are an Industry Leader and Growing!
Network9 is recognized locally and nationally for company growth.